About us

Sonoma West Publishers, Inc. is a locally-owned and independent publishing group of community newspapers, feature magazines and websites and interactive media. It was first incorporated in June 1995 with a single publication, Sonoma West Times & News. Its first website was added in 1999 and three additional community newspapers, The Healdsburg Tribune, The Windsor Times and Cloverdale Reveille, were acquired in 2000 and 2013.

The community newspapers date back as far as 153 years ago and continue to serve the same mission of providing reliable news and information and a trusted public forum for ideas, commentary and decision making. At the same time, the Sonoma West Publishers newspapers utilize the most recent communication and journalism tools, now attracting over 170,000 unique website visitors per month.

Both in print and in digital format, all of the news and content is collected, written and presented by ourselves. Our professional journalists have won many awards for community service and journalistic excellence from the California News Publishers Association, National Newspaper Association and others. We are equally proud of the volunteer work, leadership and partnering we do with other local institutions, non-profits, schools and fund raising events.

Sonoma West Publishers, Inc. is led by owners Rollie Atkinson and Sarah Bradbury. Atkinson serves as publisher and has worked in newspapers and journalism for 43 years, continuing his career in Sonoma County since 1982. Bradbury is a photographer and associate publisher. Both have served on many local non-profit boards. Ray Holley is SWP’s managing editor and leads the overall news mission at the newspapers. Jenny Belway is sales manager. Other SWP employees serve as webmaster, news reporters, advertising sales executives, graphics and layout artists and business office support.